The Company
A reference in the sector, the Xavier Jantes is distinguished by the constant training of its professionals together with the accuracy of execution of its services.
Since 1997 developing ideal solutions for our custommers!

Xavier Jantes Lda. is one of the biggest companies specialized in manufacturing and repairing of rims. We are pioneers in this service and we are present in some european countries. We develope a big and irreproachable quality work.

Founded in 1997 by José Monteiro Xavier, nowadays the company has near 40 employees and it makes works for countries such as Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

At the moment, The Company strives to enter the rim manufacturing market, focusing on classic cars market.

In 2013 Company´s installations were improved to get the supremacy and to enhance our product quality, always working to please the clients. With an eye to the future, Xavier Jantes has projected to extend installations to enhance response capacity.

19 years of Professionalism and Innovation!